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surfMouse Large

surfMouse Large

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surfMouse is back with a brand new, beautiful, customizable look while still sporting the same healthy and intuitive functionality that makes surfing the web hands-free a breeze. surfMouse works for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) without any downloads or drivers. Simply plug it in, hop on board, and let your legs do the talking! (Please watch the video for more details).


This is the big one - designed for wide stances and big feet. Made out of a single piece of beautful ash or red oak, this is both the sturdiest and most beautful computer mouse you've ever owned. Able to easily handle at least 250 pounds, there is no reason not to hop on board.


surfMouse comes with two different button styles, both of which are easy to switch in and out and interchange (Simply pop them out and then pop them back in!) They come in two different styles:


Rubber Buttons: Choose your color/colors: red, black, white, or grey - indicate which colors you would like in the "Notes" section upon checkout. These buttons will grip easily to your shoes, socks or feet. With a little bit of cushioning, and the ability to customize, these are a great way to get started. (Remember - you can always upgrade!)


Leather Buttons: These buttons offer a little bit more comfort and class. With a layer of real leather on top of cork, these buttons have that extra bit of cushion that you can feel even through your shoes. Or better yet, use your bare feet and let the buttons conform to the shape of your feet. Durable and robust, these buttons stay nice with very little upkeep. But if you are the type who likes to treat their leather goods with extra care - the buttons pop right out for easy cleaning and buffing.

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  • DImensions

    L: 21"

    W: 12.45"

    H: 3.25"

  • Supported Systems

    Linux, Windows, Mac

    Connects via standard USB

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