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surfMouse is a brand new way to work and play. This balance board is a fully functional computer mouse, designed to be used with a standing desk. Lean to move the pointer. Lift a heel or toe to click. Shake your butt to scroll. Literally surf the internet.

Using surfMouse makes me feel great, invigorated!



Watch the video. surfMouse is a balance board, designed for a standing desk, that operates as a computer mouse. Give your hands a break! Move your mouse, type in your password, and drink your coffee at the same time. Notice how many bubbling waters can be consumed. surfMouse moves the pointer based on how you are leaning. Click the buttons by lifting either a heel or toe. And activate the scroll wheel by rotating back and forth. Everything a mouse does - at the same speed and ease of use.




It is well documented that sitting all day is terrible for your health. Standing desks and balance boards are getting more popular as people start to look for healthier lifestyles. But both are passive, and unrelated to what you're doing. Enter surfMouse, the only device that allows you to use your core muscles to operate your computer. Finally, let your legs take you where you are going like they were designed to.

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